Haller Exhaust Products | Automotive Exhaust Gaskets

Haller’s automotive team works closely with industry professionals to help create innovative and superior exhaust sealing solutions. Haller Exhaust Products is constantly trying to improve upon its technologies and products to better supply our customers. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience making automotive gaskets, ensuring quality and service 100% of the time.

Manufacturing Principles

Haller Exhaust Products manufactures all of its own exhaust gaskets. This means that our customers can see faster turnaround on product, and are guaranteed to receive the right items. Our team has been able to implement innovative manufacturing techniques so that our prices are competitive even with overseas markets. All our products are carefully evaluated before they become available to the market, this way we can ensure that only the best product leaves our facility. If a customer has a unique design characteristic, we will build it to spec, and make it available exclusively to that customer.


All of our gaskets are constructed with optimal performance in mind. This means that our gaskets are of superior quality to what is currently on the market. The materials we use are ideal for a wide array of conditions, from light duty to extreme duty. Our prices are similar to gaskets made from cheaper materials, but our quality is unmatched.

Products Include:

  • Flat gaskets (with or without grommets)
  • Collector gaskets
  • High temperature gaskets (Donut style)
  • Manifold gaskets